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About Mawasem

Distinctive and Specialized HAJJ & UMRAH services

Founded on the rock of strong Islamic principles of Shari’a and well-defined terms and conditions Mawasem kicked off its initial activities by 2008.

It is a Kuwaiti shareholding company (closed) that aims at providing very distinctive and specialized Hajj & Umrah services, first to the citizens of Kuwait. In the near future Mawasem plans to extend its most sophisticated super specialty products & services to entire GCC, Europe and other Asian regions. Further, Mawasem will launch new and diversified ventures such as   transport, catering, trading and commercial activities related to Hajj & Umrah especially in the MIDDLE EAST region.

Mawasem provides comprehensive services right from the start to finish; in other words, preparing and taking the faithful on the Holy Pilgrimage is not the only goal, taking them back to where they started will be equally important and shall remain with us as a sacred obligation as well. Mawasem intends to partner with the necessary expertise from prominent Hajj & Umrah Services companies like Yousef Hassan Al Kandari Campaign which has been in service since 1982. Already Mawasem has entered upon an understanding with Al Kandari to  receive the required assistance in this regard. By 2013 Mawasem will be a full-fledged campaigner in all the Hajj & Umrah related services spreading its wings far and wide, crossing the frontiers of several countries.

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